Christmas Tree Lane

Christmas Tree Lane in Fresno has been a tradition for 100 years! Every December, North Van Ness Boulevard in Fig Garden is transformed into a one-way roadway with hundreds of decorated houses and trees. From Shields to Shaw, a 2-mile section, is open for travel until Christmas Day.

Christmas cake decorations with candles and x-tree

A hollow tree on top of tree with colours bolls

Blur white and red doted lights

A greenery covered olden bolls and stars

Real X-tree covered with snow big in size

On the wall lighten and star stand within

All over covered snow and lighting

A real x-tree with the branches

A small playing bus with red yellow lights on tree

Big x-tree with full of Gloden bolls

Wooden craft in small trees

Hanging red bolls at the end of branch

Corner of golden and red small balls very closely

Hanging small home to X-TREE

A tree with no lights and decorations

Top of tree corner with snow blur lighting

Golden light bolls on trees

Blur red white green dots far away

View from top of x-tree with star

Red and white shaded balls and light on tree

Ribben packed box near lighten x- tree

A small golden coloured jingle bell kept in two fingures

Red shaded design around with tree from top view

rapped gift bottom of x-tree with table chair corner

Full of colours and sizes balls are hanging on big X-tree

White rounded balls hang to x-tree only

Playing bus on table with blur lighten

Top view side corner of x-tree

White and rounded balls hanging inhouse tree

A small palace hang through thread with xtree branch

Blur lighten full of x-tree

Lighting lines are from top to bottom

A hollow with x-tree and star

full of golden balls and lights on big X-green tree

A small green treen on small car for carring

Stairs with full of lighten and golden balls

Captured the x-mas tree photo in mobile with two handed

A star on the top of decorted tree

Lights and balls hang with hooks in the tree branches